PAC Facteur 7®

PAC Facteur 7® is an innovative system for domestic hot water which combines heat recovery from greywater (water from shower, washing machine, dishwasher, sink, wash basin) and a high efficiency heat pump.

PAC Facteur 7® is a solution for buildings and publics facilities, both new and renovated.

Innovative and most efficient solution for collective hot water production

Advanced technology adapting to all types of collective buildings in new or in rehabilitation

Complete monitoring of the system to ensure its performance and facilitate its monitoring


The PAC Facteur 7 ® system divides the final energy consumption by a factor of 6.4 to produce domestic hot water by recovery of the energy available in greywater.

Up to 60% from savings by year on domestic hot water

This brings significant gains during regulatory phases.

From 2 000 litres to 22 000 litres of DHW at 55° every day without supplement, in semi-accumulative mode

The PAC Facteur 7 ® system uses a proportion of renewable energy greater than 30% to produce DHW

The device has been validated by several tests at Mines Paris Tech’s Center Energy Efficiency Systems (CES)

UP TO 60%

from savings by year on domestic hot water

1600 Connected housing

125 m3 of domestic hot water products every day

1,3 MWh thermics recovered


With PAC Facteur 7,you get the assurance of having advanced equipment with proven effectiveness. And you also enter a new world of technology in the service of the environment.

Filtration and storage of greywater

Recovered water is filtered (fats and residues) and stored at 29°C in an insulated tank

Production of dosmetic hot water

City water from 10°C to 27°C with heat recovery
Preheated water passes from 27°C to 58°C with the heat pump

Storage of domectic hot water

Ready to supply the building


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